12 janeiro 2007

Tadaima na no desu yo~

Sorry for the last couple of days without any new post or any news or anything that's worth your time reading this little thing I call blog. I had some small issues that I had to take care and blablabla boring stuff.

So now that's everything is back to normal, I'll go back on posting random crap posts and anything else that comes into my mind...or something like that.

3 comentários:

Rodrigo Henrique disse...

[16:55:31] * Connect retry #94 irc.rizon.net (6668)
‹‹Error›› wait while we process your connection. [Please]

ta acontecendo com vc tb?

arrumou o seu xitindows ai?

Deathy disse...

@Rodrigo, .net sucks, vai pra .org que conecta. Ou irc.nulled.eu:6667

E eu arrumo o xitindows hoje de noite.

Rodrigo Henrique disse...

nao deu este tb biba.


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